Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Checkout Windows 10 Technical Preview on WMware Workstation

Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released for evaluation and feedback You can download the technical preview edition from

If you want to check out Windows 10 for your company you can download it from

Sign-in to windows Insider program and download your copy of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Read Carefully

We are going to test this technical preview on WMware Workstation.

Start Vmware Workstation and File --> New Virtual Machine

Select Typical and click Next

Select installer disc image file (iso): and browse your Windows 10 Technical preview ISO file. Wmware will not understand the operating system and its the technical preview. Click Next.

Select Microsoft Windows and in version menu selece Windows 8 x64. Click Next

Set your virtual machine name and location. Click Next

Specify disk capacity to 80 GB and Select Split virtual disc into multiple files. Click Next

Click finish.

Open VM settings and set the memory to 3GB and Network Adapter to Bridged mode.

Start your virtual machine and you will have the first screen. Click Next to start the installation.

Click Install now.

Setup will start.

Accept License Terms and Click Next.

Select Custom "Install windows only (Advanced)"

Select the destination drive. Click Next.

Setup will start copying files.

Windows will restart

After Restart you will see windows is getting ready.

Click Use Express settings

Create a local Account and Sign-in with your Microsoft Account. And you will have following

Your Windows 10 Technical preview is up now. Install VMware tools.

Restart the PC after WMware tools installed. Now You can use Internet on Windows 10 Technical preview.

You can see Windows Start menu is back :)

Moreover you can visit How to Use Windows Technical Preview to play and feedback :)